Future Investment Portfolio Success Begins with Planning Now

In a volatile and unpredictable market, it is necessary to adjust and plan for multiple scenarios and understand the implications of each. By planning to win, you can set yourself, your team, and your organization up for success. Having the right technology to support your planning gives you the ability to adjust for multiple scenarios and make quick decisions with confidence in their accuracy. The real estate investment lifecycle displays how planning is a continuous process that is imperative to the growth of your real estate portfolio. MRI Investment Management solutions use the data that already exists in your system to make it easier to support your strategic planning needs.



When investing in real estate, the first step is to raise capital for your investment. To do so, you need to first attract new investors, and then provide full transparency into the portfolio performance at all levels of detail. Even though this is a short-term goal, it has long term planning impacts. Starting with accurate valuations of your assets is key to making strategic business decisions on what to invest in next. MRI Investment Central centralizes your data and reports making it easier to view key metrics to leverage exactly the information you need to get investors to buy into your project. Global Valuations coupled with MRI Investment Central can make your ability to raise and leverage capital from investors have a greater impact on future portfolio success.


Once capital is raised, investing is the next step. Accurately reporting to investors and accurately tracking the financials for investments is imperative to the success of the fund. If done manually, this process is time consuming – with the right technology in place, for example: MRI Investment Accounting, reporting to investors becomes automated, requires less time, and more accurate than before.


Real-time reporting with accurate data increases investor confidence and gives you more leverage to build the fund and increase the portfolio. Additionally, reporting is imperative to maintaining compliance. Flexible and user-friendly reporting features within MRI Investment Accounting can handle complex investment structures and powerful backend calculations to make reporting on financial performance more detailed and easier to track than manual spreadsheets.


Asset lifecycle management is an imperative part of your lifecycle process. MRI Investment Central consolidates disparate investment data and documents to support comprehensive risk management and efficient reporting to stakeholders. The ability to model what-if scenarios allows you to make better, faster decisions to forecast for the future. MRI Asset Modeling takes the guesswork out of analyzing trends to stay ahead of market conditions to take advantage of opportunity, while also mitigating risk factors.


Now that you have reduced the manual processes and time-consuming data entry by integrating your investment solutions, you can focus on growing and strategizing for the future of your portfolio. What is going to happen in five years, or ten? Your goal is to increase the portfolio’s value, and using MRI Investment Planning and MRI Asset Planning solutions allows you to transform complex data into meaningful insights to understand risk factors, and simulate potential outcomes and future-proof your strategic plan.


Coming full circle, reporting to investors is easy when data is accurate and you have access to the analysis and dashboards to highlight the performance of your investment. MRI Investment Central is the key component to easy, efficient, and accurate reporting capabilities and can help you delight investors to ensure they continue to partner with you. The Investment Lifecycle is one that will repeat and continue to be successful if you leverage the right technology and tools that help you plan to win!