Mark Development boosts resident adoption of online payments over 90%

About Mark Development 

Mark Development is a housing developer and property management company with the sole intent to build affordable housing for the people of Hawaii. The company developed 15 properties which it owns and manages. They use MRI's Affordable Housing solution and RentPayment.




High resident adoption at all properties

Mark Development was able to achieve nearly full resident adoption using two main initiatives. The first was to manage the resident’s account for them, with approval. The other initiative was basic awareness to the remaining residents through free marketing materials.

Resident demands met

Mark Development had recently seen acquisitions in their payment provider that resulted in dissatisfaction with their existing residents. The residents wanted an intuitive, easy payment experience.


Time saved for property managers and residents

The property managers and leasing teams saved time by eliminating banks runs and the manual work needed to process payments. Residents saved time by being able to pay their rent through one centralized location. Most residents take advantage of autopay by setting it and forgetting it.

Business Challenge

Mark Development had recently seen acquisitions in their payment provider that resulted in dissatisfaction with their existing residents. They wanted to find a payment provider that was easy to implement, easy to use and integrated with their existing solutions.

How did Mark Development boost resident adoption of online payments over 90%

"Your time is worth more than walking to the bank."
Sonya Kimura, Operations Manager – Mark Development

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Simplify your payment process and improve resident satisfaction

Today’s residents expect convenient, personalized and flexible payment options. Keep them happy and help your multifamily, affordable and public housing communities thrive by offering multiple payment channels and digital services to meet their needs.

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Tools and Tips to Increase Resident Adoption of Digital Payments

From onboarding tactics to monthly rent reminders, there are fairly quick and automated ways to keep your residents engaged and paying their rent online. The result for your on-site teams is a convenient, time-saving way to process payments.

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