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Embrace the Power of Choice with XWMS

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We'd like to introduce you to MRI XWMS. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss XWMS and why it is more dynamic and sophisticated than IWMS. Learn how XWMS brings together extensible capabilities to manage each area of your business, while also evolving with your organization to expand your feature set and future-proof your business. 

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XWMS: The future of real estate portfolio and facility management

For decades, IWMS platforms have been vital in helping real estate and facilities management teams gain visibility and control over workplace operations, financials, and lease management. We are redefining the traditional IWMS concept to improve long-term, strategic property and portfolio management. Introducing: MRI XWMS.

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Beyond IWMS: 3 reasons you need an extensible workplace management solution

Learn how MRI XWMS offers an open and connected approach to help your business accelerate digital transformation and adapt to new market demands through an extensive partner ecosystem and integration capabilities.

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Identifying and measuring your hybrid workplace

A paradigm shift in how companies are using their workplace is occurring because of the movement towards hybrid and remote work. Learn to identify what hybrid work environment you're implementing and how to measure it so you can leverage the right data to optimize your space planning decisions. 

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Learn how XWMS can provide your organization with a best in breed solution to manage each area of your business.