Better navigate today & the future with
MRI Cloud


Keep your staff focused
on your business,
not maintaining software.

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What MRI Cloud unlocks for your business


Information Availability

Remote Access

Your teams can access critical data and software solutions from anywhere in the world with a browser and internet connection, ensuring business continuity and collaboration.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Stay at Ease

Disaster recovery services include operational and technical support, detailed back-up and recovery procedures, redundant systems, as well as all needed equipment, facilities, and resources.

Application Hosting

Free Up Your Space

As the industry’s proven Application Service Provider, we can house and manage your applications, communications network, and highly secured data at our Tier III+ data centers.

Version Control

Stay Up-To-Date

Using MRI's Cloud services, we can ensure everyone is using the most recent software version. This simplifies the support process and helps maintain consistency across your company.

Support Solutions

Get Dedicated Help

Toll-free help desk support is designed to provide fast, efficient, and effective client service and is available from 8am-8pm ET. Our self-service online community and automatic service submission tool are also available.

Complete Data Management

Keep Your Data in Good Hands

We’ll work with you to develop reports and distribution guidelines that adapt to the way you do business.

Training & Implementation

Get Up and Running Quickly

Our expert implementation program includes initial start-up training as well as ongoing and follow-up training options.

Communications Support

Be in the Know

Ensure cost effective, reliable remote site communications via the Internet.

Why Choose MRI Cloud?

Access World-Class Technology

Provide online, real-time access to the comprehensive MRI suite with integrated, targeted solutions for office, industrial, retail, and residential management.

Simplify Operations

Quick and easy access to your data and applications while we provide the behind-the-scenes processing.

Take Control

Gain more control over your data and operations for efficiency and accuracy.

Cost Efficiency

Affordable access to advanced technologies for better cost control and investment protection.


Our team is here to help you flourish.

Leverage Resources

Leverage the expertise of a world-class team that understands the hosting commitment.

Focus on Your Core Business

Don’t let technology concerns distract you from your strategic business goals. Refocus your energies and resources on the success and growth of your company.

Rapid Deployment

Implement and grow your business faster than traditional in-house systems.

Peace of Mind

You can relax knowing our experts are on the job. Extensive data back-up services and audit controls protect your investment.


Interested in learning more about how MRI Cloud services can help your business? Contact your account manager to discuss your needs.